हे पंखिडा रे उडी जाजो पावागढ़ रे महाकाली ने जै ने कह्जो गरबे रमे रे… हे पंखिडा हो.… पंखिडा पंखिडा हो.… पंखिडा




Garba Costume Photo Contest in Aundh 2019 best kids garba costume photo contest - 2019 aundh - 61 - Best Kids Garba Costume Photo Contest – 2019 Aundh


However, photo submissions can continue to come even later for them to appear on our Ganesha Photos Gallery page.


Dear Aundh Residents,

Wishing you  All a very Happy, Blessed & Navaratri Festivities.

Here comes “Best Kids (3-12 yrs) Garaba Costume  Photo Contest” segment for Aundh Residents.

Aundh families can submit their kids wearing best Garba costume. “Best Kids (3-12 yrs) Garaba Costume  Photo”  which will be part of our Best Kids Garaba Costume Photo Gallery 2019.

Send your best candid photography of kiddos sporting nice Garba and playing out with Garba sticks and elaborate on the richness of costume.

Enter Submission via Contact form  OR simply Whatsapp the pics along with a short brief at 8329693840.

The Winners will get a Trophy and a Certificate of Appreciation.

Term & Conditions:

  • Submissions from Aundh residents are given first priority and will be taken for contest application.
  • By submitting you agree to give permission to post your Kids Garba Costume Photo on our gallery and take part in the contest.
  • Submissions between 29th Sept. and 10th Oct. will be participating in the Contest.
  • Winners will be selected by our own internal Jurry team.
  • All participating Garba Costume Photo Postings will be hosted on Best Kids Garba Costume Photo Gallery 2019 at

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Kids Garba Costume Photo Contest Gallery


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