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4:00 pm
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7:00 pm

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Survey no. 260/1, Plot no.5, Shahiq park behind Punjab National bank, Aundh

Float Therapy and Mind Spa in Aundh – Shalom Float and Wellness Centre

Floatation Therapy is a luxurious way to soothe and heal the body from the constant stress of life’s daily pressure where you can leave the noise and confusion behind and perhaps, for the first time in your life, experience total relaxation and deep healing in a private, peaceful space.

To promote health and wellness across India with floatation therapy services providing better physical and mental health to all its citizens resulting in a disease free society.

1)GIFT VOUCHER – COMBO WELLNESS PACKAGE Full body FIR sauna 30 mins + Float session for 60 mins

GIFT A UNIQUE EXPERIENCE HEALTH AND WELLNESS EXPERIENTIAL GIFTING Here’s why Floating is a spectacular experiential gift for your loved ones! Do you want to gift your loved one a truly unique experience without having to stress yourself out? Be it a birthday, an anniversary celebration, any other special day or even no particular reason to gift a love filled gift, we’ve got you covered. We say avoid the material gifts and gift a memorable Float therapy session that they will thank you endlessly for days to come. Here are some reasons on why you must share the joy of a health and wellness experience.

2)FIR Foot sauna + Float session for 60 mins HOW DOES IT HELP YOUR BODY?

Floatation therapy is a truly unique experience where we lay still with no contact points, no movement, and no postural muscle action. When you’re free from gravity, your body has a chance to rest and recover up to 4 times faster than regular bed rest. This reduces blood pressure and oxygen intake, as well as, increases blood flow and distribution of red blood cells. The combined effects aid in flushing lactate, cortisone, and adrenaline that may have built up during exercise.In addition your cortisol levels drop while endorphins and dopamine secretion increases making you feel good with mood elevation. Floatation therapy also helps loosen the muscles and give athletes a greater degree of control over their nervous systems. This reduces the risk of injury, accelerates the recovery process, and releases vast quantities of endorphins. Endorphins, the body’s natural painkiller, help relieve pain from injuries, soreness etc.

3)Combo Offer – full body FIR sauna + float session for 90 min The benefits of floatation therapy on the body include:

  • Relieve back and neck pain, The zero gravity environment that is experienced while floating, relieves built up pressures and tension on the back and neck. As they are no longer fighting the pull of gravity.
  • Relieve Joint pain – Floating in a pool of water this dense will completely support your body, allowing increased blood flow to your joints and soft tissues.
  • Regeneration of muscle tissues-While floating in a deeply relaxed state, blood circulation improves, advancing the growth and regeneration of muscle tissue.
  • Accelerate muscle recovery -As the pressure of gravity is relieved from your muscles, built up tension decreases, helping every muscle in your body relax like never before.
  • Lower blood pressure-Complete isolation of all senses while inside the pool, lowers the sensory input of sight, sound, and touch, calming the nervous system, which in turn lowers overall blood pressure levels.

4)Digital Detox -30 mins FIR sauna and 60 mins float session What is a Digital Detox?

A digital detox is where you power off your electronic devices and spend some time away from them. Whether it’s your cell phone, computer, laptop, tablet, music player or television or for that matter any screen which demands your attention, you can’t use any of them for a certain period of time and have to find other things to do instead. Can you do anything to get out of this loop? How can we perform our best if we are constantly seeking this type of digital connection? By continuously feeling the urge to check our phones, we are not letting ourselves recharge, leading to fatigue, stress, and anxiety. This is where the concept of a digital detox comes into play. Challenge yourself to take a break from social media and digital connections – even if it is just for 60 minutes. By taking the time to detach from the constant connectivity, we allow ourselves to be cognizant and mindful of our own bodies. One way to take a step back is through Floatation Therapy


Floatation therapy is of the norm in US Australia and Europe. It is considered at par with meditation and an excellent way of turning down the volume of daily worries consumption. Enhance your general well-being with· improved sleep· improved left/right brain synchronisation· increased motivation· freedom from habits, phobias and addictions

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15th August, 2021

Shalom Float and Wellness Centre

Survey no. 260/1, Plot no.5, Shahiq park
behind Punjab National bank,
Aundh ,Pune-411008

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Float Therapy and Mind Spa in Aundh – Shalom Float and Wellness Centre


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