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About Grafiti Expressions

Grafiti Expressions was founded in August 2006 by Vishal Shinde commercial artists from pune. Grafiti Expressions is a fast growing and dynamic Institute in the art. Grafiti Expressions has the reliable, knowledge and wide range of experience and expertise to help you succeed.
Grafiti Expressions has its own permanent places with good infrastructure facilities, Professional Staff and teachers. Grafiti Institute is working 365 days.
Graffiti Expressions institute not only preserves hobbies, but also creates artists and develops hobbies.

Over 18000 students learned Drawing / Painting skills at Grafiti Expressions.

Drawing, Painting Classes / Workshops Gallery

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Drawing, Art, Painting Classes / Workshops in Aundh – Grafiti Expressions

Drawing Classes / Courses in Aundh

Junior Basic Drawing

5 months – weekly 2 days

Art and Paint – How to Colour, Crayons and Oil Pastel, Point to point Drawing, Print Making etc.

Simple Drawing – Basic Shapes, Copy to Copy Drawing, Crayons and Oil Pastel, Colour Mixing etc.

Basic Drawing 

6/12 Months – weekly 2 days

Basic foundation Level 1,

Level 2 & Level 3


Basic Shapes, Copy to Copy Drawing, Concept, Crayons and Oil Pastel, Water Coloiur, Colour Pencil, Colour Mixing, Basic Shading and Dimension, Cartoon Sketching,   Human Figures, Memory Drawing, Scenery, Freehand Drawing,Nature and Object   Drawing, Funny Faces, Anatomy Introduction.
  Advance Foundation Level 1, Level 2  & Level 3 Scale to Scale Drawing Concept, Shading  Dimension, Nature and Object, Drawing Still Life, 2D Design, Colour Practical, Memory and Free Hand Drawing, Human Anatomy, Expression and Movements, Lettering and Calligraphy, Media Introduction, Basic Perspective.

Age criteria as per student drawing level or 1st Std to 8th Std.
Note: Upper level content portion is same for each year but with each level the drawing and craft activities are advanced. The above courses are available half yearly as well as for the full year excluding summer, Diwali and Christmas holiday and camping activities.

Government Drawing Grade Exam

5 months – weekly 2 days

Elementary Grade ExamIntermediate Grade Exam

Basic Concept, Still life, Design, Memory Drawing, Nature Drawing,Calligraphy, Freehand Drawing, Geometry and Lettering.

Age criteria: Before September the student should have completed 12 years of age.
Note: Grade exam certificates helps you in future in the fields of art and various other career Options.
There is no age limit for student above 12 years. Grafiti fills Exam form from our centers.

Handwriting Improvement

2 months – weekly 2 days

Basic stroke of English, Marathi alphabet and Numbers, Scripts style, Cursive Writing Menu Script and much more…

Advance Basic Course 

3 months – weekly 2 days

  Basic Sketching  Basic Anatomy Drawing Concept, Proportion, Pencil line work etc.
  Sketching & Shading  Shading, Memory and Portrait Drawing Cartoon Sketching, Landscape sketching   Freehand, still life, Nature and Object Drawing etc.
  Cartoon Sketching  Basic Concept of Cartoon, Carry Sketching and Various Cartoon Sketches.
  Human Figure & Anatomy  Human Anatomy, Think and Draw, Movements, Basic Carry Sketching etc.
  Basic Landscape  Flow work, Landscape Sketching, Basic Perspective, Light and Dark Effect, Ink Pen   Landscape, One tone and much more.
  Basic Canvas   Acrylic Colour, Free Brush Stroke, Memory Drawing, Texture and Much more..

  NATA, NID, NIFT, BFA(Fine Art). UCEED, CEED, CEPT & Other Entrance Exam  

We are Specialists for drawing preparation in above exam. All courses are customized as per students requirement.

  Art Teacher Training Course                             

Module 1 : Child Art  Module 2 : Upper Basic Module 3 : Grade Exam Module 4 : Creative Art

Grafiti Expressions Awards Ceremony Gallery

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Drawing, Art, Painting Classes / Workshops in Aundh – Grafiti Expressions

Advance Drawing Courses offered at Grafiti Expressions

Courses  Duration – weekly 2 days
Advance Sketching  4 months – 90 min
Shading & Stylization       3 months – 90 min
Sketching & Colouring           4 months – 90 min
Nature & Object Drawing         3 months – 90 min
Portrait & Character Sketching         3 months – 90 min
Charcoal Painting     3 months – 90 min
Canvas & Abstract Painting (Oil)    3 months – 90 min
Landscape Painting (Water Colour, Compose)  

3 months – 90 min

   Landscape With Media           3 months – 90 min
     Perspective Drawing                   2 months – 90 min
Basic Calligraphy & Calligraphy Painting       2 months – 90 min

Creative Painting Media Courses

  Knife Painting  Fluid Art  Decopatch Painting
 Coffee Painting  Stone Painting  En-caustic Painting
Tattoo Painting  Ink Wash  Ball Point Pen Art
 Shoes Art  Impasto  Kolaj Painting
 Resin – Epoxy Painting  Spray Wall Painting  One stroke Painting

Advance Media Courses 

Courses  Duration – weekly 2 days
Warli, Madhubani, Miniature, Phad, Gond Painting 2 months – 90 min
Murals and Pot Painting 2 months – 90 min
Fabric and Glass Painting 2 months – 90 min
Craving Technique (C4x) 2 months – 90 min

Creative Painting Media Courses

Rangoli Workshop Sand Art String Art Creative Craft
Mehandi Art Pottery Workshop Clay Work Candle Making

Animation Based Drawing Courses in Aundh

Cartoon and Character Sketching (Flip Art Animation)

Basic Shapes and Drawing Concept, Crayons and Oil Pastel, Water Colour, Understanding the Importance of Drawing, Copy to copy Drawing, Anatomy Introduction, Character Sketching, Expressions and Movements, Shading and Dimension, Face Study, Life Drawing, Model and Portrait, Cartoon Sketching, Creation of Cartoon and Stylization, Line Work and Quality in Animation, Key Frame Animation (Frame by Frame Concept), In- Between Sketching, Flip Book Concept

Vacation Camp, Workshop and Short Course in Aundh

Workshop and Short Courses
Landscape Painting, Canvas Painting, Mural and Pot Painting, Candle Making, Rangoli Workshop and much more..

Vacation Camp (Summer Camp, Diwali Camp, Christmas Camp, Ganpati Making)   

Note – During vacation please check the Camp Schedule and Drawing, Craft Activities

Our Features –

Professional Staff Personal Attention Good Art Environment
Competition and Prize Distribution Good Student Teacher Ratio Student Artwork Exhibition and Sale
Exam and Certificate Live Demonstration Step by Step Portion
Creative Activities Project and Portfolio Best Student of the Month

 The Artwork of all the students will be displayed in our Annual Exhibition that is held each year in the presence of many well-known artists who reward the best artworks along with their valuable feedback.

Note – Life time membership : Graffiti’s many Event Exhibition, Demonstration, Competition, Free Consulting, Guest Lecture, Art Activity, Art Movie, Art Camp*

Drawing Classes – Grafiti Expressions Testimonials

“Superb Class, Amazing Teachers”-Shahbaz Sawar

“Excellent”- Ms Kalyani changediya

“An institution we’re there’s a lot of to learn the more you learn the more you will get the perfection of making an ART. Anyone can come take up any courses you wanted. Some come to make a profession in art and some come for hobbies they like to have whenever they are free. If someone wants to be profession in arts then this can be a better option to take up the courses. The environment of the classes is very good. The way the teaches is very good. I have seen small age of children making drawing n sketches in a such a way that it’s look like a professional one is drawing .”- Dilip Choudhary


Grafiti Expressions (Head Office and Art Gallery – Aundh, Pune)
Office G1, Sai Shradha,
Ekdant Vihar, Near Bhise Automobiles
opp Allahabad Bank, Near Medipoint Hospital,
New D P Road, Aundh Pune : 411007

Phone: + 20 40058057 | + 91 9881093035

Drawing, Art, Painting Classes / Workshops in Aundh – Grafiti Expressions

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Our Address

Grafiti Expressions (Head Office and Art Gallery - Aundh, Pune) Office G1, Sai Shradha, Ekdant Vihar, Near Bhise Automobiles opp Allahabad Bank, Near Medipoint Hospital, New D P Road, Aundh Pune