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Enroll in Dr. Ninad Sheode’s LearnAc, Aundh to ensure success in your 11th & 12th and MHT CET examinations. We offer comprehensive coaching, expert guidance, and personalized attention for Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics to help you master key concepts and excel in various crucial exams.

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MHT CET exam preparation is paramount for securing admission into a dream engineering college due to its role as a gateway to esteemed institutes. Success in MHT CET signifies a deep understanding of Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics, aligning with engineering curriculum prerequisites. Achieving a high score not only demonstrates academic prowess but also showcases problem-solving abilities and analytical skills crucial for engineering studies. Moreover, a strong performance in MHT CET opens doors to top-tier engineering colleges, offering advanced learning opportunities, industry exposure, and better career prospects. Hence, dedicated preparation for MHT CET is instrumental in realizing aspirations of studying in a prestigious engineering institution.

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DR Ninad physics maths neet jee cet classes

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“Sometimes, The only thing that stands between you and your most hated subject is the lack of a good teacher. I realized this had been the case with me and physics for several years only when I met Ninad ir. His unique style of teaching, which made difficult concepts seem easy, his patience when it came to answering my endless questions, and his constant encouragement suddenly made physics one of my best subjects. Today, i look up to Ninad sir not just as my favorite teacher, but also as a true mentor.”

Manali Nayak
(Class of 2018)

“LearnAc is the best Academy in Pune. Ninad sir is very passionate and dedicated towards his teaching. He focuses on concept based learning which forces us to develop interest in physics. Thank you very much Ninad Sir for making 11th and 12th academic years so lovely and making physics so interesting and fun!!!”

Siddhi Satwe

“Two years ago if you had asked me if I liked physics I would have blatantly laughed at your face. But if you ask me now I would say I love physics and this change wouldn’t have been possible without Ninad sir. At LearnAc I learnt that it is okay to not to know or make mistakes but it is not okay not to try. When I first met him I had said that I can’t do physics it’s too hard for me and he had smiled and replied it is hard. Ninad Sir is an Amazing educator and an amazing person and the staff working at LearnAc is delightful.”

Gouri Kotiwale
Class of 2018

“LearnAc! A place where you learn…… Along with a fantastic physics teacher. Ninad sir is a brilliant soul and inspiration….. Here physics is taught and explained and not rote learned. The non-teaching staff is also very helpful and friendly. Thank you very much learnac for making 11th and 12th academic years so lovely and making physics so interesting and fun!!!”

Pranav Thombare
(Class of 2018)

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